Scripture Union

Leader: Steve Younger (01698 823584)

We have two Scripture union Groups. Both meet term-time on Fridays.

As well as the meetings detailed here, both groups have an annual weekend away at Lendrick Muir (Scripture Union’s Residential Centre at Rumbling Bridge).

The Junior Scripture Union is for children who are attending Primary School.

This is held in the Church building (292 Main Street, High Blantyre, G72 0DH) at 6:30pm. We finish at 8:00pm. There are no fees or subscriptions charged but a membership application form must be completed with full contact details.

The Junior SU is led by a team from the Church. All are appointed through the Church in partnership with Scripture Union (Scotland) and have annual Disclosure checks made. Scripture Union is a global inter-denominational Christian organisation which aims to give children and young people the opportunity to learn about Jesus and make their own response to Him.

The usual format of our Junior SU is a time of singing Christian songs and choruses, a teaching time (often with DVD input using the ‘Friends and Heroes’ series), and a games time. There is a tuck- shop available as well. Two of our leaders have First Aid training. Our aim is to create a safe Christian environment where the children can have fun as they learn together and can make up their own minds about following Jesus.

The Senior Scripture Union is for students from S1 to S6 attending Calderside Academy.

It currently meets at 1:00pm on Fridays in the S6 Study Room next to the library. The group is led by Steve Younger and by Ms. Elizabeth Russell. Ms. Russell is a Maths teacher in the Academy. Her remit is Learning Support.

The Senior SU group is for students in all years and is open to anyone who wants to learn more about Jesus and about faith in Him. It is not a prerequisite that someone is already a Christian.

The Senior SU is a safe, non-pressured environment to discuss issues of faith and belief. Teaching material focussing on Jesus, discussions and activities are a part of the programme over the year.